SEO Article Optimization what should Be Paid Attention?

anthony jupiter | 2016-10-21 05:31:06

First, the internal links in the article

Where the keywords appear in the article, should be set to connect to the home page, the relevant channel page, article list page and related content page links, the same keywords do not repeat the hyperlink, the link is generally not more than three. In addition, we optimize the article at the same time will often leave a link to another article, here to note that the best left links and article content is relevant, it will help guide the user to browse the site more articles, And then retain users, improve website conversion rate

Second, Choose Right Pictures

The picture in the article, should set the alt attribute, alt attribute can be the article title, can also be keywords. The picture should also set a hyperlink.

Third, The User Experience Priority

search engine algorithms tend to improve on the site to determine the quality of the increase in the user experience above. Website article optimization should also pay attention to the user experience, for example, article layout, article readability, the article insert keywords, the article can not affect the fluency.

Fourth, The Original Quality

search engine is very friendly, you can use a software to help you such as spinnerchief.visit www.spinnerchief.com if not all original, but also for pseudo-original, because search engines like fresh things do not like duplicate content. The content of the article, on the one hand with the theme of the site, such as the theme of the site is married, the article should be related to the content of marriage; the other hand, the content should be closely linked to optimize the key words.