SEO optimization Backlinks 6 Tool You Will Use

anthony jupiter | 2016-11-18 05:21:21

As a person being a seoer for a long time, SEO optimization can not be separated from the site outside backlinks building, in order to do outside backlinks building, many people distressed in the end where to start? How to do effective?Here I summarized some good tool share with us , in order to get a good ranking on some mainstream search engines, of course, this is the optimizer want to get an effect, and as a backlinks building worker, I think we must understand their competitors the backlinks' distribution. In order to know where they are missing? Which one did not keep up? Based on a full understanding of the opponent, we can make the construction of the chain more easily and more efficient! The following list of these tools, not only can help you dig Competitors outside the chain situation, but also to help you find more free outside the chain opportunity: That the following I put the six kinds of good backlinks tool to share with you.

NO.1: Link Appeal Tool

This is a website link quality testing tools, presumably there are some beginners do not know, it does not matter, today you see this article, you know. Check your sites backlinks situation and other factors, and then look for some high quality of the other links! This useful site for better development!

NO.2: Recip Links

It is also a website link detection tool, but it is not very convenient to use, but be patient to check whether one or more sites have anti-link to a designated site.

NO.3: Search Combination

It is also a resource search tool for backlinks, and Webconfs' Backlink Builder and SoloSEO Link Search Tool function almost, but this tool allows you to combine their own, personally, I like to use.

NO.4: Link Harvester

It is also a SEObook online tool, the tool does not provide anchor text analysis, but it can sort out the same domain name backlinks, and when it meet the education and government websites backlinks, it will make special mark! I believe you will understand when you use it .

NO.5: Google administrator tools

I believe that for many people Google administrator tools will be used with Yahoo Site Explorer and, but it can only analyze the status of their site backlinks, as well as anchor text. The previous two tools to generate the "Footprints" are built-in system, not according to their own needs to generate footprints! It is worth using!

NO.6: Yahoo Site Explorer

this is probably the most well-known backlinks analysis tool. In fact, the function wont be as powerful as the previous tools, but you can quickly get the number of sitesbacklinks, as well as the first 1000 backlinksconnection, and can display the title of the backlinks page, which is the difference that listed above two tools only show URL.