How to Operate The New Station SEO

anthony jupiter | 2016-12-09 04:17:55

The first step: Combined with their own Web site to find some of the keywords (best not to find too hot keywords), in Google search, if the search results appear in the website home page, to give up ; If most of the pages they are the inner pages, the keyword can be used.

The second step: to find the top three sites, their Title, description copy down into a suitable for their own, must be better than the original page layout better and more reasonable. Then, make the link.

The third step: the new station basically no outside backlinks, which you can not control, you can temporarily give up, but inner backlinks can be controlled. the most important indicators within inner backlinks is the site does not appear dead links to the various links, accurate links to each other. This search engine is even better optimized than before.

The fourth step: do meta optimization, page layout optimization, internal link optimization, and so on, you can think of optimization methods are used. While ensuring that the site content updates, not too frequent, but also can not be updated.

The fifth step: the appropriate initiative submitted to the search engine portal, the exchange of the same type of links, optimize the site is the best first station to optimize, and finally in the promotion, which is in line with the natural development of the site, with little chances to die.

The six Step: No one SEO company or individual can guarantee that a certain keyword will certainly be able to do first, affect the keyword ranking too many factors, and search engine algorithms are often changing, so even if you do SEO may not be able to have a good ranking.